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General English

The General English program is an ideal way to start your studies in Australia. It is designed to
help you communicate in academic, social, or work environments. The General English
Program also provides a solid foundation for further study in the English course for academic
With this course, you can expect to improve your overall English language ability to speak,
write, listen and read. You will also have the opportunity to increase your understanding of
Australian culture through various social activities inside and outside the classroom.
You can learn more about our general English courses, including how to register your interest or
apply by viewing them in our course browser.
These courses last between 5 and 40 weeks and are available on our campuses in Brisbane,
Melbourne and North Sydney.

Advanced English

If you already have basic knowledge of English and want to perfect it to accredit your level,
these courses are ideal to prepare you in a short time. The IELTS exam is an academic exam
similar to the TOEFL in other countries and Cambridge is a little more oriented to improve your
conversational level.


Vocational courses, or VET as they are called in Australia, are technical courses that have
been created to help you acquire more practical skills, skills and tools in the study of specific
These courses last at least 6 months and require you to attend classes 2 to 3 times a week.


Australia has hundreds of universities worldwide recognized for their high quality in academic
education. There are several options for those who decide to study a university career in
Australia, you can choose to study undergraduate, postgraduate or master’s degrees; the cost
will depend on the career you choose.

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